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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Below including FAQ company,product,discount,after-sale service,safety,quality control,shipping procedures and discounts.
If you cannot find your answer here please email us!

Q:Are you a manufacturer?
We are 11 years experienced LED lights Manufacturer in Shenzhen,China with 60,000 sq ft factory area.All of our LED lights are patent owned design by our 10~20 years experience engineer.
Q:Whats your company advantages?
*Professional LED light manufacturer since 2010 only focus produce LED lights.
*60,000 square foot production area &120 employees professional team.
*UL,cUL,cETL,ETL,DLC approved products standard produce by certified request.
*12 production line separately ensure fast production strictly control quality.
*Professional Aging test machine&SMT Machine&IES test system&Reflow oven&Standard production line.
*US/CA warehouse distribute in KY&OH&ON including all products ensure fast delivery&convenient after-sale service.
*ISO9001 and also be honored as the high-technical innovation enterprise in 2020.
*Thousands of positive feedback from customs like Toyoto,McDonalds,Jack in the box,Amoco and many LED lights distributor and electrician.
Q:What is your company Payment Terms?
(1)Paypal,Credit card,T/T(Wire transfer),Check,Western Union.
(2)100%,30%,50% deposit before production.
(3)Net/COD others Or consult us directly for special payment method you want.
(4)Credit Card type including:
American Express/Discover/Master Card/Visa.etc.
We can send Paypal invoice for you click link the finish payment.
Or you can provide us your credit card information to finish payment.
Including:card No./card name/exp m&y/card verification/address/postal code/phone No. etc.
Q:What is your MOQ ?
MOQ stands for; Minimum Order Quantity. It is sometimes referred to as MQO, meaning minimum quantity order.
Min. For every item is depends on per master box quantities.Outer box package protect products well during shipping.You can find different items master box quantities in product details.
Q:Can you accept OEM/ODM?
We provide OEM/ODM service,professional engineer team and factory help you change label,package,color and design any ideas you want.While it’s take more cost and time will have to discuss with our marketing department directly.
Q:Whats your Main Market?
70% of our customers comes from USA,Canada,Mexico etc. In North American.
All of our products are ETL,UL,DLC approved for north American market.
While we are happy to receive any inquiry from other countries and provide certification if have other countries requirement.
Q:Where your customers distribute?
Our customers come from more than 150 countries.Mainly of them from USA,Canada,Mexico and north American area.Others from European and Asian etc.
Q:Is there a way to order online?
Yes, we have webiste to order by paypal or credit card.

          Only for US inventory.


Q:Whats your most hot sale products?
According to our stastics,LED UFO high bay/LED Shoebox/LED Corn light/LED retrofit kits are top 4 hot sale products can sell more than 100 thousands each year.Those products are widely for indoor and outdoor application with good performance.So that’s why it’s popular in the market.
Q:Are all products are private mold by your company?
90% of products are private mold design by our engineer,some items we buy housing from other suppliers then assemble in our factory to make sure quality meet our standards.
Q:What is light efficiency of your LED lights?
Mainly range from 130Lm/W ~ 150Lm/W.We test by integrating sphere select 1~2% every batch  goods constantly to test make sure stable light efficiency.
Q:What is the lifespan of your LED lights?
Our lights have strictly test procedure to make sure 50,000 hrs standard otherwise our products can’t passed UL/ETL/DLC certification.Only high quality materials and good heat dissipation performance can make sure long lifespan and low light decay every year.
Q:What color temperature do you company provide?
We usually provide below CCT for choice,please contact us if you need special CCT range.
Warm white:3000K
Natural white:4000K.
Day white:5000K.
Cool white:6000K
Pls choose the color temperature you want.Thanks!
Q:What’s the maximum operating temperature of your LED lights?
The temperature vary from -104°F to 104°F.Please do not put LED lights in super high or low ambient temperature which will damage the lights.
Q:What is IP stand for?
This is a rating system that defines the ability of a product to be able to work in different environments. IP is an acronym "Ingress Protection". It is a measurement of the protection an item will have against solid objects (dust, sand, dirt, etc.) and liquids.
An IP rating is comprised of 2 numbers. The first number refers to the protection against solid objects (dust, etc) and the second number refers to protection against liquids.
Please view below:

Q:Are you able to provide products test report?
Yes,our factory have 1 big and 1 small everfine integral sphere system and 5 engineer with 10~20 years experience.We are able to provide IES,LM79,LM80,Photometric distribution curve and Dialux service etc.
Q:Are you able to sell driver or accessories part?
We sell lights only. We will free provide few accessories part for bulk order if you need drivers,led chips or adaptor. Also will responsible for any defective free send parts to you.
Q: What is production time of order?
100~500pcs 5~7 days.
51~100pcs 4~5 days.
1~50pcs 2~3 days.
Depends on the order quantities.
Above 500pcs need 8 days more or depends on raw material inventory condition.
Q: If the products I want to order not on your website,can you provide?
Our design&engineers team will discuss your custom product/project. We can design and produce special products for you if our engineer team found it acceptable and if meet the MOQ.
Q:How many pieces per case?
Our spec. sheet describe per master box quantities for each items.
          If you need special package feel free contact me.
Q:How the light be packed?
foam&carton, different item the master carton quantities inside are different.
Q:How many wattage LED replace 1000W MHL?
250W/300W LED can replace 1000W MHL

Q: Do you offer wholesale or pricing discounts?
Yes we do. Discounted rates will adjust depending on quantity or products.If we have seasonal promotion or other promotions will discount accordingly.
Q: Do i have to pay taxes if purchase your LED lights.?
For inventory in US/CA,we already paid import taxes and there is no extra taxes need to be paid.For ship from China depends on shipping method and how many goods you purchased.If ship by DHL/UPS/FedEx/TNT etc express method,import taxes need to pay when exceed amount.If ship by sea/air,different method of transportation will charge import taxes or not.

Quality Control
Q:Why you confident your quality than others?
There are many look similar LED lights in the market,while the materials quality is different.We choose top quality components make sure good light performance,long lifespan,low light decay and good heat dissipation,we have 5 times QC inspection and professional aging test area with waterproof test,aging-test,voltage surge test,auto turn on-off surge test lasting 8 hours.
Q:Whats your quality control procedure?
Quality control is essential procedure during production.There are 5 times QC inspection rigidly to make sure great quality.All products produced by very strictly quality inspection.Below show how we control quality.
(1)Raw materials inspection firstly when came into our factory.
(2)Before assemble,our workers will inspect raw materials again avoid any defective after assembled.
(3)We will inspect every pcs light the wattage,voltage,PF and current before put into aging area.
(4)Aging test area will test 8 hours for every pcs light by professional machine.We will do waterproof test,aging-test,voltage surge test,auto turn on-off surge test.
(5)After 8 hours aging test,we will clean and check every pcs then arrange package and shipment.
If any defective founded during above procedure,we will find out the reason to solve it.For more detailed information,please view our “QC process” page.

After-Sales Service
Q:What are the warranties of your products?
We are confident with our products quality since we have professional quality-control team and strictly QC inspection,the warranty on our LED lights range from 1~5 years depends on different items as below:
5 years:
(LED UFO High Bay)
(LED Shoebox Light)
(LED Corn Bulb)
(LED Temporary Work Light)
(LED Retrofit Kits)
(LED Retrofit High Bay)
(LED Yard Ligh)t
(LED Post Top Light)
(LED Shop Light)
(LED Flood Light)
(LED Stadium Light)
(LED Wall Pack)
(LED Canopy Light)
(LED Garage Light)
3 years:
(LED UV Black Light)
1 year:
(LED Grow Light)
Q: Whats your warranty terms?
We will be responsible for any defective if it is our quality issue.
Any quality issue within warranty period please contact us for support.
We will provide New/replacement/free parts/technical Support.
For more detailed information,please view our “Warranties” page.
Q: Whats your warranty process like?
We will responsible if it's our problem.Please make sure any light installed in properly input voltage,ambient temperature and application.Please provide photo,video,application,wiring voltage to us investigate what reason caused defective.We will provide solution ASAP and notify you if need your help to return.Return label will be provided return to China or US warehouse.
Q: Can I return goods for a refund or exchange?
If the products not work for your project for whatever reason, you can return or exchange!Pls contact us within 24 hours when you received our lights.Return lights must be NEW.To return a product, please call or email our team.We only responsible for the light directly purchase from our company,we are not responsible for any light purchased from distributor or retailers etc.Please view our “Returns and Exchanges” page.
Standards and Safety
Q: What certification your products have?
UL/ETL are product safety certification.For any products apply for those certification are worry-free to install in any commercial,industrial or residential area.Even raw materials r wire,driver,PCB and many small components are UL/ETL approved.
Q: Have all of your lights tested for safety?
Yes! All of our products will 100% tested and aging tested before ship out.We will have 5 times of QC inspection, raw material inspection, pre-production materials inspection,on-line inspection one by one, and aging-test inspection,final inspection and packed after goods are finished.
Q: Except UL/ETL,is there any energy certification for rebate?
Many of our products are DLC approved for customer apply for rebate.The policy of different states are different.Please consult local relatives.
Q: Are your products are patent approved?
Yes,some of our products are US patent approved.It’s safe for you distribute in local market protect your right.
Such as our LED Shoebox light which is US Design Patent approved.Patent No.:US D911,575 S More and more products are applying for US patent as well as new products.
Q: Is there any other certification of your products have?
Yes,Most of our products are CE Rohs FCC approved.We can help you consult the fee if you need apply for other certification,we can bear for extra certification if meet special order quantities.
Q:Whats your defective rate?
According to stastics,Defective rate below 3%,we will responsible for any defective due to quality issue.
Shipping Procedures
Q:How many days can I expect to receive my goods?
Ship from US/CA warehouse can be provide tracking number in next business day if there is no any delay caused.Ship by UPS/USPS/Estes/Canada post/ etc.Ship from China,our sales will update production progress and shipping time to you.There are 3 ways to ship goods from China.5~10 days by express such as DHL,UPS,FedEx and TNT.We will provide tracking number track the progress online.10~15 days by air also have door to door or arrive airport only service.Ship by air take longer since ship by air from China to overseas airport then will forward to third parties express company delivery to final destination.30~60 days by sea also have door to door or arrive seaport only service.Ship by sea is the longest time method but will save a lot of freight as long as you can wait.
And there are also third parties finish all customs clearance for you.Just contact us for help if any problems.
Q:Do you offer free shipping?
For US/CA inventory items will provide free shipping quote.For China made items will quote shipping and product cost separately since different countries the shipping cost is different,so we will quote shipping cost according to real rate.
Q:Do you ship to Puerto Rico?
Yes, we can ship to Puerto Rico from China or US warehouse.
          While the shipping cost to Puerto Rico will higher than to US.
          Pls consult support team quote accordingly.


Overseas warehouse

Q:How US/CA warehouse arrange shipment?

Ship by UPS/USPS/Canada Post 1~5 days ground delivery.Tracking number will provide within 1~2 days.

Q:Will US/CA warehouse accept payment and pre-sale&after-sale service?

US warehouse only responsible for shipping.Won't accept payment and consult service.If any questions or problem please consult with Chinese sales.

Q:Can you ship by my UPS account from your US warehouse?

Yes,we can ship from OH warehouse by your UPS account but KY/TX can't.Because KY/TX is third parties warehouse not allowed ship by our own account.OH is our own built warehouse which can ship by your UPS account.

Q:Can you blind ship and put packing list in the package?

For OH warehouse our own built warehouse which can hide sender info. blind ship and put packing list in the package.
For KY/TX warehouse which can't put packing list inside but we can hide sender info.

Q:What if our customer find your US warehouse or company and contact for direct purchase?

Our US warehouse only responsible for shipment and we won’t contact your customers.
We don’t know who is your customer when they find us unless you told all information about them.

Q:What CCT you usually stock in US warehouse?

A:We usually stock 5000K in US warehouse. For other CCT which have to ship from China.